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If you’re losing your employer-sponsored health insurance, there are affordable, high-quality options available to you beyond COBRA. From free or low-cost New York state sponsored plans to individual and family plans that include many of the same coverage options and programs you’re used to, you can still have the peace of mind that comes with having coverage you know and trust.

Health Coverage

Visit ChooseExcellus.com to find health coverage options available for you and your family where you live including those available from the NY State of Health.

  • To learn about the $0 Essential Plan or Qualified Health plans, call 888-679-7105.
  • To learn more about Medicaid and Child Health Plus, call 800-650-4359.

New York State of Health determines eligibility based on your NY state residency, age, income, family size and other criteria. These plans may be ideal if you are:

  • Losing coverage from your employer
  • Looking for a more affordable alternative to COBRA
  • Currently uninsured and looking for coverage
  • In between jobs, working one or more part-time jobs, on contract or freelancing
  • Aging off your parent’s health care plan
  • Considering retirement, consulting or becoming self-employed

Plans currently available include:

  • Medicaid, sponsored by NY state, provides free or low-cost health insurance for individuals and families who meet NYS income eligibility. Coverage for prescriptions, doctor visits, and free preventive care is included.
  • Child Health Plus, sponsored by NY state, is available to children up to age 19. Almost every child is eligible, regardless of family income. Plans may be free or as low as $9 per month, depending on family income, and there are no copays or deductibles. 
  • The Essential Plan, sponsored by NY state, provides free or low-cost health insurance for individuals that qualify. Coverage is widely accepted by doctors and hospitals, free preventive care and low-cost generic prescriptions are included. Plans are $0 per month and now include adult dental and vision coverage.
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Health Plans are available for enrollment until December 31, due to a special enrollment period for the COVID-19 health emergency. Get the benefits you and your family need, with coverage accepted by 100% of hospitals and 99% of doctors. Most people qualify for reduced premiums based on income.

The State of New York has also announced the annual open enrollment period has been extended due to the COVID-19 public health emergency to December 31, 2021, for Qualified Health Plans. Individuals who are eligible can enroll in Medicaid, Essential Plan and Child Health Plus at any time.

Members currently enrolled in Medicaid, Health and Recovery Plans (HARP), Subsidized Child Health Plus or Essential Plans have been provided enrollment renewal extensions by the state.

Need Help? Find Your Plan
Medicare for Those Over 65

For Medicare options for those over age 65, visit ExcellusForMedicare.com or call 800-671-6081 (TTY: 800-662-1220).

Learn about Medicare
Losing Coverage Through Your Employer & COBRA
  • If you experience the loss of a job or reduction in work hours as a result of COVID-19 and no longer qualify for health insurance through your employer, COBRA can help you avoid a gap in coverage. It allows you to temporarily keep (typically up to 18 months) the same health coverage you had under your employer’s plan and can cover you and any dependents you had under that plan.
  • If you are not able to afford the COBRA coverage offered to you, the other options above are available to ensure you have access to coverage and care.
  • COBRA Alternatives Brochure
  • COBRA Information for Employers
Stay Informed
The best way to stay informed and have access to your coverage is online. Let’s get you set up online today. For help or questions with your insurance plan, call the number on your Member Card for personalized care, or contact us.
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